What Is Nature Trying To Tell Us?

Famine is not caused by drought, but rather the incorrect relations in society. Unfortunately, in our current model of egoistic consumption there will always be hungry people. The same can be said about Sandy. Humans must learn the system of nature and make a conscious decision to be in balance with it.

One way or another, nature will help us restore balance to our world, and we can either go along with this process willingly, or be forced into this new model through suffering.

Nature is trying to tell us that we must fix the relations between us. The whole point of this painful process is for us to adjust our behavior to suit the emerging global world we are living in.  The only reason we feel it as painful is because we have not yet adjusted our behavior to suit the next stage.

People need nourishing nowadays that goes far beyond the crops or other resources at stake. Now is the time for corporations to penetrate society at a new level, nurture new kinds of relationships with customers and start new conversations.

The only way to truly reverse the negative processes we see all around us is by adding this new layer of content about the new stage we are in.  There is plenty of room on popular products to feature fresh information that can really help people right now.

In a few years we will look back and laugh at how old-fashioned we were at the peak of our technological development.

We will laugh because we will know that there can be no lasting pleasure from individual achievement in today’s global world.