Teaching Kids The Laws Of Nature Can Prevent The Next Sandy

To help our children find their way in the new global era and prevent more suffering, we must provide explanations about the new laws of life in our world, and the transformations that have led to them:

1. Our growing desire to profit at each other’s expense has evolved throughout history, causing us to become entangled in every aspect of our lives.

2. At this stage it is no longer even enough to simply not harm others. We all have to discover our role for actively contributing to creating a more sustainable way of life for everyone on earth.

3. In this new integral stage, we are transitioning from a vertical format of leadership to something more open, transparent, and with a more level playing field. We need to learn to live responsibly together here on earth and not expect our leaders to solve all our problems.

4. To break the vicious cycle, each person must recognize the nature of the world we live in and understand that in the 21st century, our life depends on our attitude to others. A slight shift in the way each individual treats those around him or herself will have a positive impact on the entire system.

5. According to the laws of the new world, we all exist within an interdependent system and must learn to be considerate of each other just as people in one family. As long as we act to the contrary, we will continue to suffer from crises in every realm of life.

6. That human instinct to intermingle with others has now brought us to a vicious cycle: on the one hand, society promotes a self-centered existence where we focus most of our waking hours on making our own life more comfortable. On the other hand, we can no longer lead inconsiderate lives and only look out for our own interests. We were all brought up on nice values but behaved very differently in reality. This old mode of behavior belongs to the “me” era. We are now entering a “we” era, that is global and integral, where we can no longer afford to disregard others.

Based on all of the above it is clear that no monetary or political solution will solve our escalating issues. Rather, first and foremost, today’s world needs an educational solution. And our youths, who sense the gap between the old world and the new more intensely than anyone, should be at the forefront of this transition from individual advancement to collective advancement.

A great education is actually a very individual one, based on leveraging all the unique attributes that exist in each part making up the whole. In the integral education, the same principles apply both at the individual and collective levels, with the goal being to highlight what truly makes us human, and different than the other systems sharing the earth with us such as animals and plants. Is there a higher purpose than simply existing from day to day?

Kids today need to learn about the world we live in, our role in this world, our goal for being here, our connection to the environment and its systems, and how to arrange our lives in a more sustainable manner. Solving these issues will provide the most secure foundation for building a better future.