Starbucks Come Together Message Right On Target Mr. Schultz

We have been following the Starbucks Come Together campaign very closely and see it as a brilliant and visionary move. Experts are still weighing in on whether it was smart or risky for Mr. Schultz to go out on a limb like this. Despite the negative comments online from the media, I believe this inspiring message will win everyone over at the end of the day.

Here is why we believe Come Together is the absolute perfect message right now:

1) It’s way bigger than the fiscal cliff issue. People think Mr. Shultz is using his power over his employees to get a political message out. But this is so much bigger than politics!

2) Look at the happy smiling people giving those cups to customers – the universe is shining on them. That’s because this is all the universe wants from us right now – to Come Together above all our differences and remember that we all come from the same place.

3) Come Together is precisely the type of message the world needs to hear right now. We are at the peak of our fragmented society that is on the verge of collapse. Our eroded values have brought us to this state and we need to begin the healing process as quickly as possible before it is too late.

4) People are upset that Mr. Schultz got Starbucks baristas to pass on the message but that is absolutely the most beautiful part about the Come Together campaign. The human touch – it’s just brilliant – it’s what we all really need right now.

5) The proof that this is turning out to be an incredible viral campaign is that is that the fiscal cliff cup campaing is spreading  to stores nationwide.  We sincerely hope it spreads to Starbucks stores all over the world.

6) The campaign is a “holiday reminder from Starbucks of the spirit that has always bridged differences’.  This new vibe is what we really need right now to create a better atmosphere in society.

At the beginning of the campaign we wrote an open letter to Starbucks CEO Mr. Schultz telling him that he has more power to do good for society than any government. He is the head of a dynamic and profitable business while the US government is paralyzed to do anything significant, just like most governments today. This is turning out to be really true because look what a shift Mr. Schultz generated with a couple of words in a matter of days.

We want to address one more issue. People are upset that a major corporation like Starbucks that appears to be part of the problem is coming out with such a high road message. We have nothing to blame Starbucks for. We all created this competitive system together where the most profitable companies are at the top of the food chain. We have all agreed to this system for many years and are only now beginning to understand that it is not working. We instill our kids with competitive values to be the best and excel at everything they do and are beginning to see how this is not leading us down a sustainable path. Up until now it suited us to a certain extent but now that the world has entered a global phase where we are discovering how interconnected we are – we need to rethink everything from scratch.