An Open Letter to President Obama and The Mothers of America

President Obama is first and foremost a concerned parent as we saw in the interfaith prayer service that took place in the mourning Newtown community. He said something very profound at the end of his speech:

“So it comes as a shock at a certain point when you realize no matter how much you love these kids you can’t do it by yourself,” he continued. “That this job of protecting kids and teaching them well is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors, with the help of a community, and the help of a nation.”

This is true on so many levels. Ultimately it will be up to all of us to change the society we live in because we are currently raising aggressive, violent, unstable and evil children in our midst. What has to change exactly? Everything our kids see and hear throughout the day has to provide them with positive examples of human relations.  So how can we make this happen?

First of all it is important to note that women and especially mothers have the most power to generate a significant change in society. Men would be happy to keep playing their games and we see where this is getting us. The time has come for women to step forward and transform our sick society into a place that is suitable to raise our precious kids in.  Here are some suggestions for getting this process started:

1) Stop supporting industries that teach our kids to be killers: Movies, advertising, rap songs, video games and the list goes on and on. We are not saying close down all these industries but we can force them to provide our children with positive role models and good examples to follow. There are companies that are already doing this. Barbie is a good example of friends bonding together to do good, but all this popular content still features a lot of evil people that must be overcome. Who are we kidding? These industries teach us all to be selfish and evil but at least our generation was not exposed to these examples from birth. Why do we all get so much pleasure from watching people hurt each other? Maybe we are conditioned toward this from an early age.  Which leads us to the next point.

2) Stop raising kids in competitive environments: The time has come to realize that we live in an extremely competitive society, where we are conditioned from birth to be the best and the brightest. To stand out and excel. But the truth is that the people that usually do that the best have to trample or take advantage of a lot of other people to get there. We need to go back as far as possible and research where exactly at what point society stopped being a nurturing supportive environment and became a place where one person’s success must be at the expense of others.  Now that the world has entered a global phase this model is no longer sustainable. Kids today need to learn that they can only succeed by advancing forward with their peers together. They need to learn social skills for navigating life in today’s interdependent world.  They must learn to transform any competitive activity or task into an opportunity for collaboration. Most importantly they must learn to form an inclusive environment where no one feels left out or unwanted, and each individual has a chance to contribute using their unique attributes and skills. The home is also a very competitive environment nowadays that needs to switch to a more positive model for maintaining the family unit, and leveraging the togetherness of this powerful entity to do good together.

3) Stop buying kids junk that they don’t need: We are living in a world where our egos are peaking and there is no way to fully satisfy anyone. When we buy our child a new toy it fulfills them for a fleeting moment and then a new desire immediately replaces that feeling of fulfillment. We need to start understanding that this constant feeling of lacking something cannot be filled with external things. These little people we are responsible for have huge hearts that need to be filled with something meaningful and eternal. We need to stop thinking that we can simply keep giving them stuff and expect them to be ok.  Our kids today are very sophisticated and they must get satisfaction from a completely different level. They want significant interaction with their parents, friends and the entire world.  That is what these little souls are really seeking. But they live in a world that brainwashes them to forget about all that and just focus on getting more and more stuff.

4) Stop expecting others to raise our kids for us: Our society has gotten so far off track that we are all focused on dropping off our kids to various institutions every morning so we can focus on our true calling in life – going to work.  Mothers of America – there is nothing wrong with making an honest living but the time has come to realize that you have a very vital role in your child’s upbringing. Don’t toss that mission aside and pass it on to others. Mothers need to understand that in the coming years they will have to take on significant educational roles in the home. It will ultimately be up to women to infuse children with good examples and values starting right in the home, which serves as the foundation for all other systems in society.

5) Stop placing such importance on subjects that will not really help make a better world: There is so much pressure on students to be great at STEM subjects such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics because we think these subjects will be important for creating the next wave of innovation. That is true to a certain extent but without learning how to collaborate properly from an early age, without learning how to interact properly with everyone around them, this knowledge will be worthless.  The professions we will need in the next stage will be more teachers, social workers, psychologists and anything related to relations between human beings such as behavioral science experts.

6) Stop promoting values that are not creating a sustainable environment for our kids: Children learn best from examples.  Women remember the power is in your hands at every moment throughout the day: what you are focused on, wherever you go and whatever you say, what you buy and especially what you expose your kids to. Try to imagine how we can use everything around us in new ways to infuse society with completely new values.

7) Stop ignoring all the signs: Despite the American media keeping up appearances the time has come to stop ignoring the signs. There are millions of homeless and unemployed people in America today. We need to bring our kids up in a world that makes sure everyone has the basic necessities they need to live with dignity. Where everyone is taken care of and has access to the same basic things.   There are also millions of people suffering from depression, millions addicted to all kinds of things, millions of kids growing up in split families, millions of children suffering from all kinds of learning disabilities. Did you know that America has the largest ratio of prisoners in the world? What does all this tell you? That our society is completely out of balance. That our systems are broken. Don’t come home from work every day, feed the kids, watch your favorite programs and go to sleep, because as long as we are not doing anything about all these issues, they continue to get worse.

President Obama,

I hope you can understand from all of the above that a complete rehaul of many of our institutions is a crucial aspect of this process. The nation may be facing some hard questions but the writing has been on the wall for quite some time and we all know it. Please have a look at the solutions we offer in this area. The Good Vibe Agency goes into schools, provides teachers and parents with special preparation and training, who then decide together to begin a complete process of rebirth which involves everything from how the organization makes decisions, promoting new values, introducing game-based teaching methods that kids really love, arranging classes in a rounder format, and all the way up to building complete environments for our kids to thrive in.

The success of the Finnish model offers a peek at the correct way to teach in our global world. “In Finland teaching is a prestigious career. Children aspire to be doctors, lawyers, scientists and in the same breath teachers. They are respected and appreciated; they are highly qualified (requiring a Masters degree for full time employment) and job selection is a tough process with only best candidates gaining the posts.”

But the real solution to society’s escalating issues must come from a deeper level which will primarily require us to take a good hard look at ourselves and understand why we do the things we do. What really motivates us? What is our goal in all this and what do we really want to achieve? Clarifying those questions will help us fix our broken society in a matter of months.

America can take a leading role in this vital process. It can stop being a bad role model for the entire world and start providing a better example for us to follow. It can decide to take the high road before it is too late and reduce suffering for millions.

We are all praying for America now in its time of need and hope you will find the strength to do what has to be done: rethink the American dream and check if it’s actually making people happy.

  • ybfishel

    excellent post and definitely in the right direction. just I don’t think you should let fathers off so easily.

  • Josia Nakash

    Thank you – but even today’s upside down world – the mother still has the most influence over what her child is exposed to on a daily basis.