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Jesse Bogner: A Millennial’s Response To Simon Sinek’s Millennial Question

Jesse Bogner is a millennial who discovered a powerful method for enhancing human connection, and wrote a book about it called The Egotist.

The method involves conducting a connection workshop that creates an ideal environment for participants to experience genuine human connection with people they know or total strangers.

How does it work? Participants sit in a circle and follow a few simple rules that allow them to accept one another as equals, rise above their differences and truly connect on a human level. Millennials especially learn to listen without judging and how to empathize with their peers.

Watch the video to hear Jesse’s response to Simon Sinek’s quest to find out more about millennials.



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Jesse’s book The Egotist is a book he wrote about how he made the transition from a path of self-destruction, to a path of helping others.
Jesse’s book The Egotist is available here: