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Orly Wahba Launching Dance for Kindness November 11, 2018 from Jerusalem

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It is so fitting that WeWork has chosen to be a proud sponsor for this year’s Dance for Kindness event in Jerusalem. In the words of CEO Adam Neuman, “As the world becomes a more digital place, we cannot forget about the human connection.”




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Event Producer: Yaniv Cohen Productions

Event Founder: Orly Wahba

Sponsors: WeWorkSchusterman Family Foundation, Keren Danielle Foundation


History: All Dreams Begin with One Big Dreamer

Life Vest Inside is a perfect testament to the fact that one person can truly spark positive change far beyond their own reach. It all grew out of Middle School educator, Orly Wahba’s childhood dream to bring the world together through the power of kindness.

Orly Wahba is an inspirational young woman that has taken the concept of kindness and unity to a global scale. Orly is an educator, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and community activist passionate about inspiring and motivating people to make the world a kinder place. In 2011, Orly founded Life Vest Inside. Her personal goal is to build a generation of strong, confident and kind leaders who place character and values at the forefront of all they do.

orly life vest inside

Life Vest Inside is a non profit organization on a mission to inspire, empower and educate people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness. Life Vest Inside gained international acclaim when Orly’s award-winning film Kindness Boomerang went viral reaching over 100 million people globally landing her a spot to speak at TED about the power of kindness. Orly’s film, Kindness Boomerang, sparked a Kindness Revolution that continues to grow exponentially. 

Orly and Life Vest Inside have been featured on TED, The Today Show, NBC, CBS, ADWeek, International Business Times and more.

Since its inception, Orly has made leaps and bounds in bringing the message of kindness and empowerment to the hearts of millions. From her inspiring films, to her mental health technology platform, Project Hope Exchange that collects, aggregates and shares 30 second anonymous messages of hope from people who have been through adversity to those currently facing the same adversity. To Dance for Kindness, the largest global celebration of World Kindness, kicking off World Kindness week. Entering it’s 7th year, Dance for Kindness took place last year in over 120 cities, 50 countries with over 20,000 participants. At its essence this event is based in leadership training with 400+ Group Leaders trained to infuse kindness and positive change into their local communities to date.

Aiming to make a greater impact, Orly released her first book, Kindness Boomerang: How to Save the World (and Yourself) Through 365 Daily Acts. The book offers a guide to incorporating kindness into your daily life. With 365 pages, one for every day of the year, each contains an act of kindness, inspirational quote, and personal story on the power of paying it forward.

While Orly’s accomplishments through Life Vest Inside speaks volumes, her backstory is truly where the magic lies. Orly has been a dreamer since childhood, filled with deep passion to unite people in a way like never before; to truly change the world. When it comes to the topic of kindness her belief is that loving others is easy, it’s loving ourselves that is our greatest challenge. Once a person truly understands their value and just how amazing they are, it’s almost instinctual to begin seeing the value of others, recognizing that we are all a piece of the puzzle; different shapes, different colors but each piece just as important as the next!

After suffering from severe depression in her adolescent years due to a fire that consumed her house, Orly found her voice and made a promise to be there for people in the same way she had wished someone would have been there for her. It’s that fire that drives her until this very day; it’s that passion that makes even the greatest skeptic remember that building a kinder world is possible and within our reach. Orly has the ability to empower a person to see that they have something incredibly unique inside of them that they are meant to share with the world.

This is one of the reasons that Orly recently decided to leave her comfort zone, her home in Brooklyn to move to a land that has been pulling at her heart since childhood, Israel! Her passion for this country and her determination to make an impact here is palpable. Her vision for what can be regardless of the differences in race, religion, ethnicity, culture and background have all those she meets excited to join her in this pure and genuine mission.

About Life Vest Inside:

A non profit organization dedicated to inspiring, empowering and educating people of all backgrounds to lead a life of kindness. Life Vest Inside set out to impact global change through inspirational media, on the ground events, education and technology.


“Education is the key to tolerance”

Kindness is a universal language that transcends race, religion, ethnicity and nationality. It’s the common thread that unites us all  and provides an opportunity to focus on something we all believe in. Life Vest Inside has created a powerful kindness network that fosters dialogue with people across the globe, including parts of the world torn apart by conflict. Through our approach, we establish peace in place of conflict, love in place of hatred, hope in place of fear, and kindness in place of mistrust. As a result we have seen a positive change in the way people engage with one another and respect each other.

About Dance for Kindness:

Every year, to kick off World Kindness Week, Life Vest Inside organizes “Dance for Kindness,” a WorldWide FreezeMob/FlashMob during which groups from all across the globe unite under the banner of kindness and join together to perform to the same song, same dance, all happening on the same day. Dance for Kindness serves as Life Vest Inside’s Annual Fundraiser as well as a means of building awareness of World Kindness Day. This year our global impact will be even greater as we unite to support non profit organizations all around the world. Life Vest Inside will donate 10% of each city’s overall fundraising to a local nonprofit chosen by each city’s Group Leader.

The purpose of Dance for Kindness is to look beyond ourselves – beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites us all.

For one day, the world unites under the banner of kindness recognizing that only through collaboration, unity and connectivity can we truly build a kinder, happier world. Dance for Kindness serves as a stepping stone for thousands around the globe to begin volunteering and giving back into their community, recognizing that we each have something unique to give into this world. Even more so, the magic behind Dance for Kindness is our Group Leaders. At its heart, Dance for Kindness is a leadership training program, giving us the opportunity to provide volunteer Group Leaders from around the globe with the assets, skill sets and tools to make an impact in their local community while learning how to take an idea and break into its parts. Through Dance for Kindness we have created a community of like minded individuals from various countries, races, religions and ethnicities aiming to break the barriers that divide so that together we can get to a better WE.

To date Dance for Kindness has taken place in over 65 countries, 247 cities, spanning across 6 continents with over 400 Group Leaders trained.

Last year’s event took place in over 120 cities, 50 countries with over 20,000 participants. This year marks our 7th Annual WorldWide Dance for Kindness and will take place on Sunday, November 11th 2018.

Dance for Kindness has put World Kindness Day on the map and is now being celebrated and spoken about by media, corporations and governments and we want ISRAEL to become part of this magic.

Vision of the Event:

For our 7th annual Dance for Kindness celebration we have purposefully chosen Jerusalem as the Global Flagship location for this unique experience. The Middle East is known to the global world as a place of conflict, hatred, fear, mistrust, animosity and war. Through Dance for Kindness we can show that even in a place of high tension, kindness prevails. Participants from our cultures, religions and ethnicities will gather and leave this experience with a greater sense of self and a greater appreciation for those around them.

Dance for Kindness and the kindness platform provides an opportunity for all to come together in unison and recognize that we can unite around something even though we don’t agree about everything.

The Flagship location will be based in Jerusalem, however we will be live streaming from our mirror locations throughout Israel and around the world. Our goal for launching this year’s event in Israel,  is to raise the value of Jerusalem in the eyes of the world, and to remind everyone what it truly stands for. Jerusalem can be a symbol of peace and harmony for the entire world.

Event Agenda

In addition to the unique FreezeMob/FlashMob experience, the day will include an assortment of exciting performances, activities and opportunities for people to engage in their community including:

  • Musical performances by Jewish and Muslim artists. 
  • Dance performances from leading dance companies throughout Israel including the Suzanne Dalal Center:
    • Kamea Dance Company
    • Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Company
    • Vertigo Dance Company
    • Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company
    • The Batsheva Dance Company
  • Israeli Folk Dance: Led by the renowned choreographer and dance producer Gadi Bitton, participants will have the opportunity to learn and join in on a massive Israeli Folk Dance
  • Community art project: participants will be invited to take part in an exciting art installation that will be gifted to the city as a reminder that kindness stands at our core
  • Hands on volunteer experiences: Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about local non profit organization and sign up for various hands on volunteer opportunities that will be run throughout the course of World Kindness week
  • Digital Time capsule: Participants will be invited to take part in an exciting experience by recording a short message of hope for the world. This digital time capsule, along with messages of hope from communities around the world will be released the following year at DFK2019.
  • Changemaker Awards: Life Vest Inside will present Changemaker Awards to three individuals (one of Muslim descent, one of Jewish descent and one of Christian descent) who are creating ripples of kindness within community.
  • Inspirational Talks and Films: This experience will feature film shorts and talks centered around kindness, connectivity, and peace.
  • Acts of Kindness cards: Kindness cards will be distributed in mass in hebrew, arabic and english providing participants with a chance to take home a piece of the magic and to put kindness into action


Event Sponsors: As a global leader in the Kindness Movement, partnering with companies whose vision and mission are based in kindness, peace, unity and connectivity is paramount. Relevant sponsors will be offered speaking opportunities during the live event.

Event Partners: As an organization focused on providing the ultimate example of peace and harmony from Israel, we are inviting a vast array of partner organizations to help us spread this positive vision from Israel to the rest of the world. Some of the partners will also be live streaming partners, who will share our live stream on their pages and channels.

If you are interested in sponsoring this year’s Dance For Kindness event that is launching from Jerusalem, please write to josia(@)