Connecticut School Shooting: We Are All To Blame

This horrible tragic event should have never happened in this beautiful American community. To these incredible and generous educators who tried to pass on good to these children.  We are trying to find answers but if we really want them we need to take a good hard look at the environment our children are growing up in, and think whether this is a sustainable way of life.

Children of all ages nowadays are exposed to so many bad examples throughout the day – there are tv programs, movies, commercials, video games, social networks and the news. All these things together provide our kids with a constant flow of negative examples where someone shooting others is hailed as a hero, someone competing aggressively against others is a celebrity, someone swearing on the radio is at the top of the charts. And all these wonderful role models our kids have to look up to get paid millions of dollars. We need to stop and ask ourselves, what is this world we are living in?

We stuff them with junk food and soda, and make sure they have some screen in front of them throughout the day and expect them to be balanced. It’s not just them you know – it’s all of us. We have all agreed to this downgrade in our lives on so many levels. We think the gadgets and the super-sizes will fill us up but they don’t – they just make us feel emptier.

This poor child that was obviously suffering silently about some very serious issues all this time, is simply a product of our sick society. Not that we feel sorry for him right now but we really have no idea what toll all these divorces are taking on our kids.

None of us are perfect teachers, parents or people for that matter but we can all come together and agree on one thing – our kids deserve better. They deserve to grow up in a safe and friendly environment where people help each other, and are nice to each other. They deserve to understand exactly what is going on in our world and how we can arrange society to ensure this never happening again.

Our hearts go out to the grieving families and the entire community. We will keep you in our thoughts and hope that these precious kids did not die for nothing.

Let this be our last wake up call. Ever. All we have to do is decide and take action together.

You can start by informing yourself about what kids really need nowadays.