Cisco’s Internet of Everything: It’s The Connections That Matter Most

We are great admirers of Cisco marketing and strategy. Every couple of  years they come out with an amazing campaign that really sets the standard for the entire industry. The lastest can be seen in this Linkedin post about Cisco’s Internet of Everything concept by Cisco Chief Futurist Dave Evans where he uses water as a metaphor for explaining the Internet: “A single drop by itself is not that significant. Yet, when combined with millions or even billions of other drops, it can change the face of our planet. A drop of water is a great metaphor for the Internet of Everything. Like a single drop of water, a single person, bit of data, or thing connected with billions of other people, data, and things can also shape the face of our planet.”

This is our comment on David Evans post Internet of Everything: A drop of water:

“The internet is simply a refelction of us – humanity. As we gradually move away from the chatter of yesterday toward more meaningful things, everything in the next stage will be aimed at helping us develop more on the inside. We are permeated by a field of spiritual waves which determine our true existence and the world we currently see around us is merely a projection onto an imaginary screen. Thanks to modern technology humanity will make a transition from today’s illusory perception of reality to the real thing. The development of the Internet is the key to us making this transition and you will see how we will fill it with new content from this point forward. It is interesting that you used water because it symbolizes this whole process – it provides us with the best example of the state we need to reach. Today we each stand opposite this enormous system. If we don’t tune into it correctly we wil not be able to get anything from it. It will still affect us but only through pain and suffering which is not the natural way for us to develop. So if we have a chance to plug into this system with the help of technology – well ultimately it’s what technology was put here for to begin with. The sooner we realize this the sooner this entire crisis will be behind us.”

So everything will be connected in some magical way in the future but there is a deeper significance to the future Cisco is presenting. As awesome as Internet of Everything is, there are two things that are missing:

1) We would have loved to see the connection to Cisco’s Human Network campaign, which is probably one of the best campaigns in the world, with its Together we are the human network slogan.

There is actually a big article in BrandChannel about this: Cisco Replaces “The Human Network” with Tomorrow Starts Here” where Cisco chief marketing officer, Blair Christie, told how it’s more than just a campaign and new tagline.

2) Cisco is a company that invests a lot in education. We would like to see them talking about this important subject a lot more in this new stage they have entered. In a perfect world, we will all understand that new educational content and methods, and new educational environments are the key to connecting everything properly in our world, and especially us humans.

Like David Evans wrote, “one tiny drop of water begins a chain reaction that causes a big result.” Beyond all the technology, Cisco is a company with the ideal platform and capabilities to get new information out to the world that we really need right now.

Cisco CEO John Chambers is a visionary leader focused on market transitions taking place at an accelerated pace nowadays, so we are pretty confident that  Cisco will put all the pieces together very soon. It’s The Connections That Matter Most but the human connection is the basis for everything else.