What Will Be The Next Big Thing?

Major corporations spend millions trying to foresee what the next big thing will be. What our next big desire will be and how they can fill it. We have gotten so carried away with ourselves though in this day and age that we even allow society to tell us what the next big thing will be, so that we will be prepared to buy it when it comes along. This system has gotten so out of control that we are addicted to upgrades and sequels, and our whole life revolves around this perpetual and superficial cycle of acquiring a lot of things that we don’t really need.

No one is to blame here. We have all agreed to this system and have gone along with it for decades. We are living in an egoistic era where we are all focused on furthering our personal interests which mainly revolve around having more zeros in our bank accounts. The whole system is built around certain people emptying their pockets with their hard earned salaries, and others filling their pockets with amounts of money they can never possibly spend in even one lifetime.

But change is upon us.  Since our ego has reached its peak in our time, we are entering a new era where the things that used to fill us no longer do. Of course a lot of people have less money to spend with the financial crisis and all, but it’s really deeper than that.  People just don’t have a desire to fill their homes and lives with all this junk. They see it really doesn’t bring them the contentment they seek so we are all slowing down. Combine that with green initiatives showing us a more sustainable way of life and you have a recipe that puts this capitalist era of ours to the test.

The big brands that have so much influence in our lives will need to start understanding that this next wave will be very different than the rest. Beyond the products or services people acquire they will be seeking a human connection that can add some warmth to their lives. It will no longer be enough to provide a great “user experience” through some web site, because people are going to be looking for that human connection in everything in their lives. We will reach a point where we are tired of isolating ourselves behind screens and cutting ourselves off from the people around us. It will suddenly dawn on us that this is just not a sustainable way of life.  We can’t do everything by remote control and expect to feel fulfilled. We can’t replace the people around us with gadgets, computers and robots and be happy. So the bottom line is that our lives are going to be very different soon if we are going to get of this rat race of buy buy buy that makes us feel more empty every time.

Soon we will all understand that buying a new car only gives us a fleeting pleasure that doesn’t last very long. That genuine fulfillment can only come through our connection to others, even total strangers, it really doesn’t matter. The only thing we really have free choice in at the moment is this: whether to go along with this process and make some significant changes in our lives or to wait for nature to straighten us out, which is usually not very pleasant. These are the laws of nature we are talking about here and understanding what nature wants will bring much light and abundance into our lives on a completely new level that we have never experienced before.

So what does this mean for all the large organizations? We need to begin creating environments that provide people with human warmth, security and inspiration. The alternative is for us to keep hating one another and killing each other as we are doing right now. So it’s not really such a tough choice to make. We need to create a new atmosphere in the workplace, a new vibe, that will infuse everyone with good thoughts about others. We need organizational cultures that go beneath the surface and really connect people in significant ways. Most importantly, we need to comprehend that technology was built for this purpose – for bringing us closer together – not for us to become like computers! We are supposed to be emulating the great example of harmony that we get from nature. That is what all this about.

So the next big thing – companies that want to be ahead will go out of their way to get new messages out through all available channels and do everything in their power to create a better vibe inside the workplace where we spend so much of our lives.  The new competitiveness will be about who helped the most people in the office, who was the best team player, who contributed most to the good atmosphere in the office. And with these human acts of kindness we can level the playing field and reduce gaps in our society in a big way. That is the next big thing. That the work place will become a great big playground where we all learn to get along really nice and do incredible things together! The universe will reward us for it!