How We Alleviate Influences of Urban Surfaces On Our Body

Talk about creating a good environment for us all to share and interact in together! Our incredible partners over at Urban Movement Design were featured in Bettery Magazine (link to full article with diagrams).

The Question and Answer article series joins two creative minds from a range of backgrounds to better understand the transformation of our cities. Enjoy athlete and model Aimee Mullins’s captivating question and Urban Movement Design’s insightful answer.

How do we alleviate the influences urban surfaces place on our bodies?

Urban Movement Design answers:
It’s true. Our bodies are undergoing more and more intense stressors in the world we have designed around us. But the human body/mind complex is a brilliant, wholly interconnected organism that holds within it a great wisdom. When properly accessed and maintained, it can accommodate for increasing compromise and abuse. We are creatures with amazing bounce-back ability. We just forgot how to access it! This is where our Infinity Seat comes in. We have designed pieces that hold the body, free of gravity and stress, like a baby being held in the womb. These positions help to restore balance and harmony to the body’s internal environment and nervous system. Once we restore a stress-free internal environment with a strong and balanced nervous system, we are able to appropriately accommodate for our external environments and circumstances.

Urban Movement Design is working to bridge the gap between our internal environments and our external environments through design interventions that draw out an invisible layer of connection, interconnection and harmony between the individual and the city: like a handshake between my body and yours, and between the body and the city.