Advertising: What Will People Want Tomorrow?

Our desires are changing and that is why people are starting to be indifferent to things around them. At this new level advertisers cannot yet identify what they can sell to us, or how they can excite and motivate us in new ways.

So the advertising industry is facing a challenge. However we need to understand that advertising is a tool of the media which was intended to connect people. Both these industries need to follow their destiny and figure out what people need today more than anything else. The media are still engaged in egoistic issues and have not yet realized their true calling: to educate the masses. This means advertisers and the media promoting values, images and opinions that we need to be happy in this new stage we find ourselves in. How we can fill ourselves by lifting our state of mind. And there is no limit in this. We can lift the mood of everyone in the world and the media can play a major role here in raising people to higher levels of fulfillment by enhancing the connections between us.

People are bored very easily nowadays because the world does not yet have the kind of content people are searching for. Advertising executives have not yet taken into account the fact that man him/herself will change. They think that if we don’t like a particular thing they can simply sell us something else.

Human desires are currently going through such a significant upgrade that people want to know and understand what kind of world they are living in. Nature is changing us now from the inside and there is no way to stop this trend or slow it down. The only thing we can do is go along with the process willingly and read the map properly.

So what do we have to look forward to? A new level of awareness that will help us enjoy life more. Advertising is all about selling pleasure so there is a need to understand the types of pleasure people will need in the future and promote them. Just as we educated people that certain products would make their lives better, what kind of pleasures can we sell to this new desire? The pleasure of connecting. Dress it up any way you want in various products and activities but people will gradually begin to feel new types of human bonding as the genuine source of their pleasure.

The new payoff will be discovering a special kind of connection between us, even to the extent that we feel we are coming out of ourselves to connect at a level that is beyond our physical world. A virtual dimension where we are all in the same uplifted state of mind. We need to find new senses for enjoying our new life up there and this will only be achieved through our common desires, thoughts and passions. Nature is pushing us into a global form where we are all connected and this is where we will find our filling in the future. Advertisers need to attract us through things that connect us and show us how to enjoy them in new ways.

Another hidden element is that people are longing to disconnect from the bodily life here because we have reached a stage where we can provide everyone with their basic needs. We are not doing that yet because we are not connected. So what is the next deficiency that will develop? Humanity always had to reach a state where a person would have all their physical needs looked after. Once we have the ability to do that additional desires develop in us and this is how we progress. The next stage is social and that is why the world has entered an interconnected stage. Here is precisely where advertisers have to do their job of revealing this new source of pleasure to us. Advertisers need to look ahead and see what’s coming. What people will truly desire in the future is a new kind of human bonding. They need to research what people are developing toward, and see how they can attract people to this new state.

So what will people want tomorrow? To connect in this new manner that nature is pushing us toward. We may not feel it yet but it’s out there. A place where we are connected on an entirely new level. Where we can rise above all the junk in this world and feel a new oneness. That is what people are searching for. It is not a conscious desire yet but it is being born and now is the time to prepare for it.

Advertising needs to be the springboard for taking us to this new level of human development. The advertising industry must be the central force in connecting us. This is the only way we will receive all the abundance and pleasure awaiting us in the next stage.

Here is one advertising executive that really gets it. David Sable, the CEO of Young & Rubicam is talking about today’s global consumer, which he calls Generation World. Awesome stuff.