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Living In A Global & Interconnected Planet

We provide next-generation design for personal and urban environments that enhances movement, mobility, interaction with the environment and other people. Our work allows us to build an additional layer of health into the design of corporate and public environments, for maximizing human sustainability, collaboration and performance. Injecting health and wellness into the choreography of our daily lives allows us to be more in tune with nature, the ultimate environment that we are striving to emulate.

We are living in pivotal times. Any blind eye we may have turned in the past is being brought back to the crises we see and feel all around us. Whether it is the financial, education, healthcare or ecological systems, we are being forced to scrutinize and rethink them. There is a new world waiting to be born, but only through the power of change and labor pain can it be birthed. Over the past century we have moved away from the remoteness that was once our earth and have moved into a global and interconnected planet. Why then are we living as though we are separate from one another, from our earth, our home, and from the common good? We need to reconsider our lives through this new global lens of connection, interconnection and unity. All of nature acts according to the law of interconnectedness, but humankind has moved away from this natural law and into an unnatural state of self-interest and isolation. We are now being handed the opportunity for change.

The Good Vibe Agency partners with Urban Design Movement whose design solutions seek to answer the most fundamental questions of life. Trained in both architecture and movement therapies, Urban Design treats each design problem as though it is a sick body in need of healing. Not according to any set rule but only according to the particular trauma or need that the body displays at any given time.

Their stunning UNIRE/UNITE project in Rome was a quest to bring balance to the mutual common body of humanity and breathe joy back into our lives.

What does humanity need to sustain itself?

We have to begin to see ourselves as inextricably linked to the earth. We cannot afford to view our planet as having an endless supply of resources. In order to be sustainable in this new global world, we must now open our minds and hearts to feel and view ourselves as a global world, but feel as though we are a small village, each of us interconnected with the other and with nature.

We are reminded of this by the ground graphic which reads ‘UNIRE/UNITE’ covering the main piazza, and unreadable from eye level, but only from above, from within the second floor gallery of the museum can the words and its intention be read in full.

This reads as a reminder to us that we must rise above our smallness, and enter into the place of oneness and connection, where we as a whole, connected and in balance with nature, will find peace and balance for all of humanity.

When it comes to creating compelling and vibrant environments, our other award winning partners are Arcod Architects, one of the top architecture firms in Israel. In the words of Orit Pinchas, “We see our role at Arcod as being a part of the new cultural bridge, ushering in a new era for the human race, creating the longed-for balance between futuristic technologies and advancement, and the rhythm of nature and organic man.  Man is not above nature, and cannot go against it. The smallest deviation in the radius of Earth’s orbit around the sun or a tiny asteroid that slightly alters the spin of the globe could eradicate humanity.  As soon as each of us understands the nature of the “whole”, that we are all responsible for each other and for everything existing in creation, as soon as we understand this our whole existence will change. We are all searching for the way, the point, the moment, and there the light begins to enter, the harmony and the true calm bringing with it creativity, joy, peace and happiness.”