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for a new generation

The world’s greatest business leaders all have one thing in common: the understanding that education is the key to their continued success. CEO’s know that in order to keep innovative and relevant, they need to make sure the next generation is getting everything it needs to deliver when the time comes. That is why most major corporations have significant educational programs, or major eductional philanthropic initiatives.


Here are a few of our favorites:

AT&T Aspire

Cisco – Transforming Global Education

Coke Education

Discovery Education

IBM – Education For A Smarter Planet

Intel Education

National Geographic Education

Starbucks – College Achievement Plan


Virgin Unite

NASA Education

Beyond helping companies alter their positioning and communications to suit the emerging global world, we are very interested in impacting educational programs so that kids everywhere can be exposed to the guidance and information they really need.

While standard programs are focused on STEM-related achievements and encourage competitiveness, our programs focus on enhancing human relations at all ages and levels in society.

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