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• Strategic Planning

We like to work with very successful companies that have always done everything right and accomplished great things. We help organizations of all sizes add an additional layer of information that positions them in an ideal manner for the new era of globalization. We believe that the time has come to fill society with completely new messages. So that everywhere we look we see messages about love, about rebuilding trust between us and messages that promote the values we need to get our society back on track.


• Global Research

Things are very fluid and dynamic nowadays and since everything is more interconnected with each passing day, there is a need to keep abreast of global and local affairs. Companies that want to thrive in the new era must adapt their message to suit the changes the masses are experiencing.


• Brand Strategy

There is a great opportunity here to take some of the most successful brands in the world and enhance them to suit the new global stage the world has entered where we are gradually discovering our interdependence. The new network is being revealed between companies, countries and communities and leading brands should be at the forefront of this process by providing the world with examples of collaboration, unity and partnership that is beyond anything separating us today.


• Digital Strategy

How a company is perceived on the internet today is everything. Up until now corporations mainly got into social media to deal with customer complaints and maintain a solid corporate image. From this point forward they need to leverage their power to get new messages out to the world through all available channels.


• Advertising Campaigns

Our advertising campaigns are very different because we use every chance we have to integrate new meaningful messages into various types of media.  We want to get new insight out to consumers, in a manner that provides them the inspiration they need for today’s challenging world.  The organizations getting this new type of content out to the world will succeed at everything they do.


• Corporate Films & Commercials

Short films and commercials are one of the best ways to get people thinking in new ways. This is very beneficial for advancing our world to the next stage, for making the transition from the i-world we have been consumed with over the last few years to the we-world we are heading toward.


• Music Production

We are lucky to have some of the best musicians in the world working with us. They are actually a global team that do some of their best work by composing and performing songs together virtually. Each one brings their unique style and culture, and together form a tremendous orchestra of sounds and emotions.


• Marketing Consultancy

From the moment we begin working with a company we are interested in every aspect of their corporate image and usually introduce many new channels for interacting with the public.  There is an urgent need to adapt everything to suit the new conditions in the world and form new types  of dialog with customers and partners.


• Brand Identity and Guidelines

We have some of the best designers in the world but what makes them special is that they fully understand the the laws of nature, the new unifying forces operating on our world, and how society needs to arrange itself in the new stage.

• Brand and Marketing Communications

In the coming years companies and organizations will need to rethink all their processes to communicate with their customers and the world in new ways.  They will need to free up space on their products, on retail displays and actually all public spaces to deliver new messages that provide people with the guidance they need to navigate the 21st century.


• Internal Communications

Companies that understand what is happening in the world are focused on creating a genuine family feeling within the company where each person understands how dependent on they are on the success of their peers.  Internal communications in the new integral era will inspire teams to greatness by listing the outstanding attributes and accomplishments of departments, providing positive reinforcement on a daily basis so that work forces will have the fuel they need to perform at their peak.


• Brand Management

We help you manage the way your brand is perceived in the world.  As a company truly dedicated to helping society organize itself in a better way in every aspect of our lives; education, culture, social, economy and ecological. It is all connected.


• Print Production

Our designers take your project through every stage and especially the most crucial phase of dealing directly with printers to ensure a perfect finished product.


• Digital Production

We have the most talented people on board who know the internet inside out.  If you know what you want, we can build it for you.


• Market Localization

Good Vibe has people in dozens of countries so materials can be produced in most standard languages such as French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Turkish and Russian.


• Event Production

Our events are focused on creating the most moving experience for all types of participants, including the top management and all departments. These events are designed to provide corporations with premium “fuel” for the coming months. Ideally the event will include a short film, live music and highly entertaining workshops that level the playing field.


• Roundtable Conferences

Our specialty is hosting roundtable events that offer participants an opportunity to rise above their differences and truly bond at the highest level – the human level where we are all basically the same. We are all human and want the same things – to enjoy life and ensure the safety of our families . We all want to pass a better world onto our children and equip them with everything they need to guarantee their sustainability.


• Convention/Exhibition Strategy

One of our favorite things is creating booth concepts for major industry conventions and exhibitions, because this is the ideal platform for introducing new concepts. Conventions also offer very unique opportunities to connect with people on a level that is not possible in our daily affairs.


• Urban and Corporate Design

We use our integral methods to create complete integral environments where humans can interact with one another and their environment in the most optimal manner. Our award-winning architects are involved in very high level city planning projects and are in demand all over the world.