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Our environment determines everything about our lives

We believe that the path to creating value in these special times will be achieved by providing new information through the brands we come into contact with on a daily basis. Our goal is to explain the new positive forces operating on our world, which we still perceive as negative because we are not yet aware of them. People of all levels need to learn that cooperating with these new uniting forces will create a level of abundance the world has never experienced.

Soon we will all wake up and realize that we have created an environment of violence, corruption, competition, greed and hatred. Our children especially are exposed to hundreds of negative examples on a daily basis, and thousands of superficial messages that do not add anything of value to their life. If we want to live in harmony here together and want to have something of value to pass on to our kids, we need to start thinking about what kind of atmosphere we need to create and understand that no one will do it for us.

The time has come for us to realize that we are being brainwashed all day and have agreed to be bombarded by this shallow content everywhere we go.  As we shifted together to virtual communications, we mistakenly thought that we could manage without real, caring environments. The result is that we are all searching for solutions on our own, inside our shell, perched by a computer screen. Today all serious researchers assert that happiness lies in having contact with others, and that real meaning can only be revealed in the interconnection between us. Viktor Frankl, the famous Austrian psychologist, says that a person sitting at home and trying to find meaning on his own is like someone trying to break into an open door, not understanding that it opens inwards instead of out.


Changing The Face of Society Together

Imagine if we used all these channels of information to make our world better, to connect people, fix broken systems, promote new values and rebuild trust.  Once we take on this task we will see that we are actually not short of anything and that the key to our sustainability is breaking away from our ego that has enslaved us in a rat race we cannot escape on our own. We need all of society working toward the same goal of creating a better environment if we want real change.

Let us fantasize for a few moments what life will be like in a corrected society:

We wake up in the morning and read about the global network that we are all connected to right on milk cartons and cereal boxes. Our kids read about how many different countries and cultures were involved in getting the cereal to their table, providing them with a practical example of the interdependent world they are growing up in.

On public transportation we see ads that promote togetherness, warmth, human bonding. Instead of just pushing us to buy more things that we don’t really need, the major brands will use billboard advertising to deliver uplifting and inspiring messages.  Radio and television programs will be focused on promoting new values and bringing experts together to collaborate on rebuilding society.

When you stop and think about it we have a multitude of options for presenting new types of information in public places, wherever people are standing in line together, walking down the street, in our schools, coffee shops, trains and airports. If we want to experience a superior way of life, we need to start talking about it.  Companies need to change their dialog with the world and engage their customers in completely new ways. This may seem very far fetched right now but eventually we will understand that we have no one to blame for our current state of affairs and that ultimately is it up to us to change the face of society together.