About Us
Meaningful Films, Commercials, And Music

The world is hungry for visionary ideas, for a blueprint of the future society presented in an easily understandable, highly accessible, current and popular media format appealing to today’s consumer.

The time has come to discover the big picture; understand our true purpose here, and how we can organize our lives in the most beneficial manner. This is best achieved by engaging audiences in an emotional manner through moving films, commercials and music containing vital messages about our better future. Good Vibe’s international creative team works together to produce meaningful and highly engaging content for any type of audience.

We have songwriters, directors, producers, and filmmakers from all over the world with a common goal: to make a significant and positive impact on society by raising us all to a new level of awareness.

Meaningful stories that speak of human experience and visionary enlightening stories are the foundation of film. Today, a rapid expansion in what is meant by human experience is revealing itself through a barrage of films fearlessly addressing themes of mind and reality. Stories are being told from a wider perspective and are prompting us to perceive ourselves more expansively. The door is open, in essence, for films of transformation.

Whether it’s called a trend, a movement or a whole new genre, it’s clear the time has come for movies of a higher consciousness that intend to make their way into the world and that the world is ready for it. Are spiritual movies being made because the consciousness has changed? Is consciousness changing because spiritual messages are reaching mainstream? The answer is of course both, since whatever is in our hearts is what creates the reality around us.  Human consciousness is now developing at a dizzying rate and we fully anticipate an overwhelming demand for real answers in the near future.

We believe in the power of media to create great social change. Capturing the essence of the human spirit on film will enable us to convey vital information to the public, which can serve as a catalyst to shift human behaviour to a more sustainable model. As filmmakers who understand what the ultimate goal is and how to achieve it, we believe we can bring about a vital breakthrough through standard entertainment channels.

People Are Seeking Answers

Nowadays many believe that our progress is approaching a dead end. We see that more and more people in the world are unable to find fulfilment.  Hopes for a better, happier life through scientific and social progress have been overshadowed by a growing pessimism over what seems to be an impasse. We used to think we were making substantial progress, but now we appear to be facing some kind of a wall.

Humanity seems to be plunging into depression, suicide and drugs abound, and people are trying to disengage themselves from the world, and suppress their feelings. Terrorism and a rapid upsurge in natural disasters are symptoms of a global crisis, and all these states are leading humanity to one fundamental question: “What is the meaning of life?”

In every part of the globe there are millions of people from all walks of life seeking an answer to the crisis and the meaning of our existence. These people are on the cutting edge of social change. They have a different set of values than subcultures of the past. They are interested in altruism, concern for relationships, strong environmentalism, a new image of the future society and personal and planetary well-being.  The need is universal, evident and growing in young people, academic circles, the business community, among society’s leaders and the general public. The market for a new genre of filmmaking is growing rapidly and will continue to grow over the next decades.