Our SolutionsCreating A Shift of Values

The following is some feedback from a recent course in Europe:



35 participants: teachers, parents and psychologists


Satisfaction Level:

• Everyone was fully satisfied, the course surpassed all expectations.
• Except for 4 who were 80% satisfied with the course.


Feedback about lectures:

• The theory and practical parts were nicely combined
• Amazing! They know their field well
• They are a professional and experienced team
• It was warm and involving
• There was free flowing communication & connection with the audience
• They had good social skills
• They created a good and playful mood
• They created a positive and good atmosphere
• They were persuasive, innovative and felt the group
• They had good oratory skills
• They are sincere in their work and think flexibly
• They are qualified and very competent instructors
• They are charismatic, and know what to say in every situation


What did the participants like?

• Games, discussions, smiles, hugging
• Lecturers and the group
• Practical examples and instant participation
• To experience things
• Atmosphere, practice
• Teaching style
• The way they collaborated as a team
• Freedom, informality
• Warm communication, simplicity, clarity
• Learning theory through practice


What did the participants learn?

• Importance of connection between people
• Integral methods are infinite
• Before teaching children you have to educate yourself first
• We need to organize such courses in all schools
• Game can unite everyone, even those who do not want to participate
• Global education – a way to perceive yourself in a global world
• Humanity is moving towards unity
• Integrity is a challenge of nowadays
• All activities can look like a game that unites children
• How to create common feeling through games and using human nature
• We need to change education principles
• I discovered a very new and inspiring method that we need to pass on
• We are interdependent
• I can contribute to changing the world
• This education method can change self-awareness and solve the global crisis
• I learned how to educate in a correct way
• Teaching, education can be fun, and have one idea behind it – unity
• Unity is what matters
• I learned how to make any game into an integral game
• This education method has no limits – it’s global
• After you reveal some processes in yourself and inside the group, it becomes easier to learn