Our SolutionsEducation Principles

The current circumstances have brought us all, parents and educators, to rethink the purpose of our children’s education, and the required means for building their better future.


Education Through The Environment

Research and our life experience shows that the environment includes everything we are exposed to on a daily basis – family, friends, school, TV, advertisements, Internet, computer games, social networks, newspapers, recreation areas, books and anything we come into contact with. It is not possible to control all these elements directly, but it is possible to provide our children with the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and to prefer an environment that transmits positive messages. Youngsters are always happy to consciously choose values of bonding and cooperation. We have the means to help them build their better future, and work toward creating an improved society where everyone is like one big global family.


The Power Of The Group

The key for success in the emerging connected and global world is our ability to work together, being considerate and in harmony with others. With this in mind it is important to prepare the child to have the correct interaction with his/her environment. The group is a mini-model of humanity, a sort of laboratory, where the child learns to build a mutual and fruitful connection between himself and others. Through relationships with his friends in the group, the child learns about himself, his uniqueness and the necessary dynamic required to be a happy person that contributes to and influences society in a good way.

Learning Through Discussions and Role Playing

As part of their education, children play out the various situations they run into throughout the day, and then have discussions about what took place. By playing out these situations in other people’s lives in an objective manner, the child learns that there is room for each person’s opinion, and that it is necessary to treat everyone with tolerance.


Learning Through Social Games

Games are the means for children growing, developing and knowing the world around him. Therefore it is necessary to include new types of social games as a primary educational tool when working with kids. Through these games children learn how their success is dependent on others. Instead of beating others they learn to win along with others, and experience the satisfaction of achieving a common goal together.