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We place great importance on enhancing human relations at every level, and especially in the workplace where we spend so much time. Our associates offer special workshops that transform the atmosphere in any organization from competitive and superficial relations that hinder progress, to profound and meaningful connections where each individual discovers how to be in harmony with the whole. Whether training top management or a specific department, the results are immediate and influence the entire environment.


Good Vibe Workshops

Organizational Culture and Effectiveness

You may have noticed that our world is getting a lot smaller, and our egos are getting a lot bigger. This is causing all kinds of new tensions to emerge in the workplace. Teams of programmers that used to win awards together suddenly find it difficult to work together. The competitive environment we were brought up in is our worst enemy right now because the world has entered a new integral stage. In the new era each individual is discovering how they are a unique part of a perfect whole, and that they need all the other parts to thrive.

What we are seeing right now are some of the most successful companies in the world losing a great deal of their value overnight. Why is this happening? The world has entered a new era, and there are new forces operating on our world. We need to understand how these forces operate on us, meaning the laws of nature, and how to apply these rules to our every day life.

What all this means is that companies need to create a completely different atmosphere. The new forces operating on our world are global and round, but we are still operating within our limited perspective of our personal ego. We need to aquire the tools to break free of this focus on the self and learn how to get the most out of life by connecting to the whole.


Transformational Leadership Seminars

Our leaders are in a very tight spot at the moment because they are attempting to continue using all the techniques that worked before and expect to receive the same results. But they won’t because the system has changed and they are not aware of it yet. They are not aware that humanity is currently going through a very vital transition phase from an ego-centric perspective to a global-centric perspective of how interconnected we all are and how dependent we are on others for our advancement. How can we switch over to the other side that provides a very clear blueprint for advancing forward? Paying closer attention to the global processes our world is going through at an accelerated pace, and learn how companies must be organized, perceived and positioned for the next stage. Understand what employees are going through and provide as much guidance and direction as possible. But most importantly, leaders must grasp how much power they have to turn this whole thing around simply with a slight shift in attitude at all levels.

HR – Human Relations

At the heart of the crisis is a breakdown of human relations. Once we learn how to see what is happening with us in an objective manner, we will understand that we overlooked the one thing that provides the foundation for everything else – human bonding. We are a few levels above animals that just act on instinct and are mainly concerned with finding food. We humans are a much more sophisticated pack because we were given the capacity to speak, and discuss things with others. Let’s face it though; over the last decade we began to use our aiblity to speak for all the wrong reasons. We used the power of speech to get ahead of our peers, disconnect from our families and argue with our neighbors. All that thas to change and we can either go along with this process willingly or suffer the consequences. Any company that wants to come through the next stage on top must get this special training that teaches employees how to work together as one harmonious unit with a common goal, in which each part is valued equally in contributing to the final result.  This is achieved through enhancing communication across all departments and dispersed work forces, and defining new decision-making policies that are based on collective intelligence techniques.  Training activities include social experiments, role playing and fun educational games that enable genuine human bonding to take place and bring that family feeling back to the office.