About Us
we generate good vibes

Who We Are

Good Vibe is a global strategic corporate consultancy specializing in brand enhancement, marketing communications, organizational effectiveness and sustainable environments with a clear purpose – to generate good vibes in every area of our lives; in the home, at work, and throughout society on a daily basis.


Our Philosophy

We want to encourage people to think about the big picture and begin figuring out how we can organize all the parts to work harmoniously together, to promote a better and more sustainable lifestyle for people everywhere:

• Help map out a clear path to our better future
• Calculate how to use everything we have in a more beneficial manner
• Enable people to interact in new ways and be inspired by each other
• Feature guidance about the new stage right on products we use every day
• Feature explanations about the new stage in public places
• Encourage people to think about and do for others

So much can be achieved with a slight shift in our attitude. We can promote a more sustainable value system, design things that are more in tune with nature, create purposeful environments where people connect with their peers, and inject warmth, love and compassion into everything around us.


Brand Strategy

We are a multicultural group of experts who have teamed up to promote new universal values in society that are focused on bringing our world back into balance.

Our strategic, design and communication skills enable clients to connect in a more effective and relevant manner with the world, and prosper in new ways by featuring guidelines for achieving a better future together.


Corporate Training

We place great importance on enhancing human relations at every level, and especially in the workplace where we spend so much time. Our associates offer special workshops that transform the atmosphere in any organization from competitive and superficial relations that hinder progress, to profound and meaningful connections where each individual discovers how to be in harmony with the whole. Whether training top management or a specific department, the results are immediate and influence the entire environment.

Original Content

We believe that the path to creating value in these special times will be achieved by providing a new global education through the brands we come into contact with on a daily basis. Our goal is to explain the new positive forces operating on our world, which we still perceive as negative because we are not yet aware of them. People of all levels need to learn that cooperating with these new uniting forces will create a level of abundance the world has never experienced.


Meaningful Films, Commercials, and Music

The time has come to discover the big picture; understand our true purpose here, and how we can organize our lives in the most beneficial manner. This is best achieved by engaging audiences in an emotional manner through moving films, commercials and music containing vital messages about our better future. Good Vibe’s international creative team works together virtually to produce meaningful and highly engaging content for any type of audience.


Purposeful Events

Nothing is as meaningful or binding as people coming together in one place at the same time to further their mutual interests. These face to face encounters where ideas flow freely and networking is at its peak accelerate processes that would normally take much longer to achieve.

When people come together with a common goal of advancing society to the next stage, the skies literally open up and anything is possible.

We take great pride in producing adrenaline-packed events that allow participants to experience a tremendous feeling of achievement and vitality, by learning to rise above their egos and bond with their peers at a new level.

Our specialty is hosting roundtable events that enable participants to overcome their differences and discover new solutions and methodologies for advancing together harmoniously to the next stage.


Uplifting Environments

We provide next-generation design for personal and urban environments that enhances movement, mobility, interaction with the environment and other people. Our work allows us to build an additional layer of health into the design of corporate and public environments, for maximizing human sustainability, collaboration and performance. Injecting health and wellness into the choreography of our daily lives allows us to be more in tune with nature, the ultimate environment that we are striving to emulate.